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CWOB is the Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) that is revolutionizing the way Business Sales are WON!

Our CRM eliminates a lot of unnecessary data entry, increases communication with prospects, provides mobile access to your data at any time and allows you to focus on what you do best - SELL.

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In today's business world, Business Owners and Executives understand the importance of giving their company a competitive advantage through Sales Tools that provide the upper hand in winning more business. Contacts Without Borders™ provides companies of all sizes the opportunity to take advantage of and enjoy a comprehensive set of CRM services that are typically only available to much larger organizations and at much higher costs.

Our Products and Services

Contact Collaboration Package
Contact CRM Package
Team CRM Package
Unlimited CRM Package
Expense Tracking
Invoice Tracking
Social Media Integration - InTouch™
Integration of Customized Applications
Industry Specific Custom Modules
Custom Mobile Integration with CWOB
Referral Program
Partner Program
Independent Sales Agent Program
Custom Application Consulting Services
Sales Analytics Consulting Services
Customized Quote Creation
Catering Module

For Business Owners and Executives, these beneficial tools provide:

  • Increased Revenue through higher productivity
  • Tracking Metrics and data capture through Dashboard
  • Highly transparent reporting
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Forecasting
  • Sales Opportunity management
  • Increased exposure through Social Media sites
  • Increased brand awareness
  • More efficient sales team
  • Access to Proven Partners in various fields
  • Integration and Customization to fit your needs

For Sales Professionals and Teams, these beneficial tools provide:

  • Data you used to enter is now captured for you
  • Capture information from Google with one click
  • Capture Social Media information for your Contacts
  • Capture Social Media information for your Accounts
  • Access to easy reporting
  • Dashboard to track metrics
  • Manage your Opportunities and Pipeline
  • Create and monitor Forecast goals
  • Access your Contacts from your phone or other mobile device


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