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CWOB is the Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) that is revolutionizing the way Business Sales are WON!

Our CRM eliminates a lot of unnecessary data entry, increases communication with prospects, provides mobile access to your data at any time and allows you to focus on what you do best - SELL.

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Basic Info

  • Sell amazing CRM products and services that fit companies of all sizes
  • Help Business Owners grow their businesses in size and revenue
  • Set your own hours and be your own boss or make extra income
  • Enjoy a commission plan that increases with your monthly sales revenue
  • Your target market? Any company located anywhere - No Borders!


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Where To Start

Becoming an Independent Sales Agent is as EASY as counting to 4:

1) Click on the Submit Form tab to provide us with a little more information about you.

2) You will be contacted by a representative from Contacts Without Borders to discuss our company and services.

3) Once you agree to the commission structure and adhering to our company values you Join our Independent Sales Program $50.00 (a $325 value) - This includes business cards, an email address and a monthly subscription to Contacts Without Borders. We will then provide you with your Agent number and company information

4) Get started right away. Contact every Sales Person and Business Owner you know to start making money! Every business person needs a CRM that makes life easier for them and one they can access from anywhere. Having access to all Social Media and other prospect research makes this the easiest sale you will ever have. Just send them to our website or sign them up with your code and you will receive commission on a monthly basis for as long as the individual remains a customer of Contacts Without Borders, LLC.


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Program Summary

Ready to work for yourself or make a LOT of extra money?

Start earning money as a Contacts Without Borders Independent Sales Agent right away. Want to provide an additional service to your existing client base? Network with a lot of sales people that complain about their CRM? Hear people talking about how they are expected to become more social media savvy and networked? Contacts Without Borders is the perfect solution.

You will have sales and technical support, you just won't have to report to an office every day.


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Most sales organizations give you one product or service. We know that one size does not fit all companies. We have a toolbox full of products and services that are needed in every sized organization and in every industry. The more you know your prospects, the more you can suggest and the more commission you can ultimately earn. Keep in mind our list of products and services will grow and change with the changes in technology. You will always provide cutting edge products!

Contact Collaboration Package
Contact CRM Package
Team CRM Package
Unlimited CRM Package
Expense Tracking
Invoice Tracking
Social Media Integration - InTouch™
Integration of Customized Applications
Industry Specific Custom Modules
Custom Mobile Integration with CWOB
Referral Program
Partner Program
Independent Sales Agent Program
Custom Application Consulting Services
Sales Analytics Consulting Services
Social Media Set-Up Service


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How much money can you make? How much do you WANT to make? That is completely up to you. Your monthly commission increases as your sales increase.

Commission Structure

Sales up to $1,000 a month = 30% Commission

Sales of $1,001 to $2,500 a month = 35% Commission

Sales of $2,501 a month to $5,000 a month = 40% Commission

Sales of $5,001 a month to $11,999 a month = 45% Commission

Sales of $12,000 a month or more = 50% Commission

Program Expectations

  • We expect you to be moral and ethical when you work with a potential prospect or client of Contacts Without Borders, LLC. Failure to do so will result in termination from the program.
  • We have a brilliant tool to offer our prospects. As an Independent Agent of our company, we want to see you succeed. We will help you in any way that we can. We do have minimum standards for staying in the program:
  • Minimum of 5 Sales (5 Users) every 6 months
  • Minimum of 10 Sales (10 Users) a year

That's just the minimum to stay an active member of our Independent Sales Team. If you want to make a lot of money - It's about increasing the number of users for each sale.


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How long does it take to get started? That's completely up to you. Once you contact us, we will get in touch with you to get the ball rolling. You could be contacting your prospects about our services within 24 hours.

How do I make money as an Independent Sales Agent? Contact all of your existing or previous business contacts. Attend networking events such as Chamber of Commerce or any business networking event. Utilize your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Accounts!! You start making money within 30 days of when your contacts pay for the service.

Will prospects know I am an Independent Sales Agent for Contacts Without Borders? That's up to you. We will supply you with business cards and an email address that you can use to contact your prospects. You also have the option of prospecting through your existing email address and using a promotional code for your prospects to sign up.

What if I need help? You have a Sales and Technical Support Team dedicated to helping you in any way we can. We want you to succeed!

What if I have a friend that would be a great Independent Sales Agent?The best team members and clients come from great referrals. If you refer in an Agent and they are still with our team after 6 months, we will pay you a $100 referral fee!


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Submit Form

If you are interested in becoming a successful Sales Agent for Contacts Without Borders™, please provide us with the requested information below. Once approved, we will send you a link to the Partner Portal where you will track all of your referrals and commissions.

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Thank you for being a customer of Contacts Without Borders. We appreciate your business!


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